Celestial Navigation Tutorial

SeaSources Celestial Navigation Training Videos

  This course is designed to help you prepare yourself to pass the U. S. Coast Guard examination on Celestial Navigation for the upon oceans endorsement. The lessons presented are meant to be taken in order by lesson number to work your way through the course. All of the videos are now available here to view for free. They can still be downloaded and installed for viewing offline through the TesTTaker software.

Click here to Preview Navigation Problems, Celestial Observations Questions

Click here to Preview Navigation Problems, Celestial Observations Illustrations

The following reference material is available to work the above lessons

Listed below is a table of contents of the questions on this subject as they appear in the new online study. Click on the “Enter Online Study” link above to begin preparing for your exam.

  • Deck Examination Questions as of March 24, 2014 Regulations
  • Celestial Navigation
  • Navigation problems
  • Amplitude
    • Sun
    • Jupiter
    • Moon
    • Saturn
    • Venus
  • Azimuth
    • Polaris
    • Sun
  • Fix or running fix
    • Star
    • Sun
  • Latitude by meridian transit
    • Ex-meridian
    • Lower transit – other
    • Sun
  • Latitude by Polaris
  • Misc. problems
    • Ho
    • Lha, zn, a
  • Star identification
    • Major
    • Minor
  • Star selection
  • Time of meridian transit
  • Second estimate
  • Zone time calculations
    • Sun rise/set
  • Navigational astronomy
  • Characteristics of celestial bodies
    • Moon
    • Motions of celestial bodies
    • Planets
    • Stars
    • Sun
  • Coordinate systems
    • Celestial equator system
    • Earth system
    • Ecliptic system
    • Horizon system
  • Navigational triangle
    • Altitudes-horizons
    • Miscellaneous
    • Sides/angles
  • Time
    • Apparent time, eq. time
    • Sidereal time, lunar time, etc.
    • Solar time, gmt, lmt, zt
  • Navigational procedures
    • Celestial navigation procedures
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