Coast Guard Open Book Renewal Exams

SeaSources Open Book Exam Solutions for USCG Requirements.

  SeaSources online study has the perfect solution for Coast Guard open book license renewals. Once you have established an account in the online study and purchased a basic subscription through the online study you will have access to our search function which will enable you to look up any and all questions that the NMC sent you for your open book renewal exam. The easiest way to deal with this is to open the PDF that was sent to you and copy/paste the question into the search window in the online study. The search should return the question with the correct answer.

  After you have received your questions in PDF format by email you may choose to get a little help looking up the questions. Forward them to me and I will go through them for you for a $100.00 donation. 

Making a donation does not create a subscription.

Renewal Exams
   Renewal Exams are administered in accordance with 46 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 10.227 Requirements for Renewal:

(i) The applicant must either:

  • (A) Present evidence of at least one year of sea service during the past five years;
  • (B) Pass a comprehensive, open-book exercise covering the general subject matter contained in appropriate sections of subpart (I) of this part;
  • (C) Complete an approved refresher training course; or
  • (D) Present evidence of employment in a position closely related to the operation, construction, or repair of vessels (either deck or engineer as appropriate) for at least applicant for a deck license or officer endorsement with this type of employment must also demonstrate knowledge on an applicable Rules of the Road open-book exercise.

   Renewal Modules are take home exams issued to the mariner by the Regional Exam Centers (RECs). It is recommended that completed exams be returned to the REC for grading within 30 days in order to assure the exam cycle, including retakes, is completed within 90 days. 

  In accordance with 46 CFR 10.227 (e): Applicants for renewal who do not meet the sea service or exam requirements may be issued a Document of Continuity. Documents of continuity do not expire and are issued solely to maintain an individual’s eligibility for renewal. A document of continuity does not entitle an individual to serve as a merchant mariner. A holder of a document of continuity may obtain a properly endorsed, valid merchant mariner credential (MMC) at any time by satisfying the requirements for renewal.

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