Installing Software and Downloading Modules

  If you wish to take the questions with you on your laptop or be able to study while offline then all of the individual subject modules in the online study are now available for download to the “Testtaker” software for registered members as well as free upgrades whenever any changes or additions are made to questions or illustrations.

  The installed version of our standalone software looks and performs almost identically to the online study site and includes the following features:

  • Personalized score history
  • Full search functions “Very handy for open book renewals”
  • Free unlimited study guide creation for purchased modules
  • Quiz taking ability identical to the online study
  • Free unlimited creation of practice final exams.
  • All reference materials and PDF assets included just like the online study.

  We highly recommend that you install and understand the functions of this software before making any question module purchases.  All question purchases and downloads are done directly through the software after it is installed on your computer.

 Click here to download and install testtaker on your computer: Use your username and password from your online study account to open testtaker the first time it is installed.

Unless you are running some type of Windows emulator, this software does not yet run on a Mac. I have had some good feedback from users who have tried various emulators with success.

Standalone Software Instructions

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