Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

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Self-contained breathing apparatus: (SCBA):  A device providing air or oxygen to the user who wears the entire device; thus the user is completely mobile. However, the device can supply air or oxygen for only a limited amount of time.

Oxygen breathing apparatus (OBA):  a type of self-contained breathing apparatus that provides oxygen chemically.

Rescue equipment for a pumproom, or any space that may contain contaminated or oxygen-deficient air, includes a self-contained breathing apparatus, a harness, and a lifeline that is longer than twice the depth of the pumproom. Also. have someone standby outside the space being entered.

  • To remember the signals for using a lifeline, recall the word “OATH” that stands for:
    • O = OK – l pull.
    • A = Advance -feed me slack – 2 pulls .
    • T = Take up -retrieve slack – 3 pulls.
    • H = Help – 4 pulls .  
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